Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Todays project is...

...a cumber bum belt thingy for the ladies! Okay so it's a working title. I started making this "thingy" this morning when after I put on one of my favorite old shirts I realised that my midriff was showing. When I was in my teens and early twenties this was perfectly okay, but I no long want to be showing the world my belly. And I am still not quite ready to let go of some of my old clothes. I am hoping this contraption will solve my issue. I should probably finish it tonight or tomorrow. I'll give it a whorl then. Keep your fingers crossed!

Monday, July 30, 2007


Okay, so I have been a crazy knitter lately. Like I said on my last post, it destresses me. I started this one last night while reading a book. (Doing these two things at the same time is very difficult by the way.) I finished it today after my final. I wasn't sure if I was going to have enough yarn, but I did! I was so excited! I think I am going to give it to my boyfriend when it gets cold outside...although that is along time from now. It was 96 today, damn my love for winter accessories!


Yesterday I while was studying for my final I decided that I needed to knit something to keep me from stressing out.
I thought to myself, "What should I knit?... hmm...my afghan?... naa...another brimmed hat?..naa... cozies? Oh yeah!"

I looked around my apartment and ended up finding two perfect items to hide waiting for me in my purse! No girl would want these two items to fall out of her purse uncovered. Problem solved! Now I am destressed on multiple levels. :)

What I made 4 days ago

I started making hats like this one this summer and I think I am going to try to sell them for some extra money. I made my first one without a pattern so it took forever. I kept ripping out rows until my hat looked decent. I've made a few hats and changed my pattern around a bit here and there adding more rows and changing the brim around a bit. I think I might be finally happy with my pattern. We'll see.

My first afghan...so far

I started this afgan a couple weeks after I started summer school. I wanted to have it done by the time I finished, but alas I grew bored and started other projects. I think I'll take a couple of weeks off and then resume this blanket when the Fall semester begins.
Hello all. This is my second attempt at a blog. Last time I shared one with my friend called www.teamknitting.blogspot.com and she was much better at posting than I was. Hopefully I will do a little better with this one.

New projects to come!