Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Pretty Puffs Slouch Hat

I found this FREE pattern on the web! I was so excited. I thought it was soooo cute. The person who wrote it used Lion Brand Cashmere. I live in the smallest town in the planet and the only place that I have to buy yarn is Walmart. They do not sell Lion Brand Yarn so, I just used some worsted weight yarn I had laying around. My hat didn't turn out as well as hers. Mine is a little stiff. So, I think when I head to the city for break I'll buy some of the cashmere yarn, and make another one.
FREE PATTERN FOUND HERE: http://jessicasuzanne.com/craftypants/2007/09/13/pretty-puffs-slouchy-hat-with-pattern/

Monday, December 17, 2007

Esther's Scarflette & Last nights Dinner :-)

I used the pattern from the first issue of k.1, but I used a thicker yarn so I casted on about 14 stitches less.

I had to add my dinner from last night to this post. It took 1 hour to prep and to do the initial cooking, 2 hours to defrost phyllo dough (oops I forgot to do that ahead of time!), 25 minutes to bake. And it was totally worth it! I was so delicious!

Ice Storm 2007 and recycled sweater bag

My power stayed on the whole time so I felt very lucky. My area got a little less ice than 50 miles to my East. I did see plenty of accidents on my way home last Sunday. Eek!

I am still working on this. I haven't put it together all the way yet. I got bored, but I think it'll be super cute when I get done.

Monday, December 3, 2007

Sweater Ornament

I decided to make this ornament for one of my classmates. During the summer semester Landon and I would joke that I should knit everyone sweaters, since the classroom was so cold. Well I don't have the money or the time to make 9 sweaters for real. But I thought it would fun to knit him a sweater ornament for Christmas since he STILL bugs me about making everyone sweaters! Well, Landon I finally made at least you a sweater. Although, I don't think it'll fit you. ;-)

I didn't have Christmas tree to model the sweater. So, I thought I'd use....a model. :) *pattern from Weekend Knitting*