Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Winter headband and kitty hat

This is called "hugs-and-kisses-with-love headband." Whew that's a mouthful! I love this headband! It is so warm! I walk to my classes almost everyday. Since, it is winter I need something to keep my ears warm. The pattern for this is in "101 Designer One-Skein Wonders."

I made this hat for my friend Anji. This is the 3rd kitty hat that I have made her in 3 years. The first one is believed to be taken by her former roommate. The second one I made was a little too large for her. (Bad gauging on my part.) She washed it felted! Yuck! It looked like a dirty kitty with matted fur when it was dry!

So, this is # 3. It is properly gauged, and my friend no longer has a roommate. I think this one is now safe from all issues. The pattern for this is called the "Official Kitty62 Hat," and is available for FREE online. I used "Yarn Bee: Luscious" as my yarn. My gauge was very different from the one in the pattern. I adjusted my cast on etc. to compensate for the difference.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Shower Soap Holders

I got the pattern for these from "101 designer one-skein wonders." I thought it was a cute idea to put your soap in 100% cotton bag and then use it as a wash cloth/bag.
These are all late Christmas gifts. I hope everyone likes them! I sure do!
While these bags may make showering fancy. I don't imagine they would be good for storing the soap after use. I can see the soap bar getting gooey in no time.

CPS cozies

A CPS device is something we use in some of my classes. We call them "clickers", because we click in answers to quizzes our professors present us in class.
I made these cozies for two of my classmates. I'll do anything to avoid studying for an hour!