Thursday, September 20, 2007

New hat

Okay so I couldn't wait for my wrists to heal! I just knitted slowly so I could finish my new hat. Please excuse my funny face in this picture. I think the flash cought me off gaurd. ;-)

Oh for the love of craftiness

I felt the need to be crafty, so I decided to play around. For some reason I have been loving owls lately, so I thought I should make one. Granted I have no idea what I will do with it, but I think it is cute and it was fun to make.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Fancy Halter

My wrists are still killing me from over doing it a couple of weeks ago, but I really really wanted to make something. So, I went through my pile of "UFOs" and found something I could finish. All I had to do for this top was to sew in the loose ends. Pretty easy, and I'm glad it's done. I do think that this top needs a lining....I'll work on that later. (I forgot which book I got this pattern out of if I remember later I'll post it later.)

Friday, September 7, 2007

ZOmBie JesUs Blanket Update!

I have been playing around with the picture I printed and have been calculating stitches, rows, and borders. I finally gave up! I wanted to make the blanket vertical instead of horizontal....okay seemed like no problem at first. I found a good cut off point from the cartoon I chose. But then...I realized that my blanket would really be almost a perfect square! Erg. And based on the design, my dimensions would have to be in multiples of ~3' X ~3'. Ahh! So my choices were to have an ittttty bitttty blanket or a HUGE ONE! I didn't like either option. With a small blanket it would just get stored in a closet, and with a large blanket I would get bored and frustrated so I know that I would quit, and I'd put it in my reject pile. Both options were horrible! My boyfriend gave me an UNBELIEVABLE present for my birthday. I have to do the same. Ahh the stress! . .......So I told him....the secret present I was going to give him..... failed. ;(
Since I wasn't going to end up making it for him, I felt no harm in telling him what it was going to be.....He freaked!!!!! Had to have it !!!!! Didn't care what size it was! He just had to have it!!! This renewed my confidence, and I told him I would continue to pursue my efforts. He also put in his 2 cents and what would help improve the design. ....He's a genius! He thought that my skeleton fish that I used in my 1st afghan (the one I am still working on) would look great as a border. Oh yes, this IS fantastic. They will look like skeleton zombie Jesus fish. Awesome!...gee... I sure hope I don't go to hell for all of this......buuuuut if you think about it...Jesus was the first zombie. :)Much love all! I'm back in business.

Cherry Red!

My boyfriend told me Wednesday that his friends, who recently eloped to Vegas, are having their reception this weekend. Hmmmm. I own two dresses... one white and one black and red. I ran into this dilemma earlier this month as well. And asked several friends, and I discovered that black is now okay for a wedding. Hurray! The only problem with my outfit was that I didn't have a stylish evening bag to match my dress. The last wedding I attended I carried around a big ugly clunker purse. I really didn't want to do that again. So, I decided to feverishly knit my ass off. Success! I finished my bag just in time for tomorrow! And it matches my shoes perfectly by the way.....I must say though...I think I might be getting carpel tunnel. Ouch!

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

2 Years Late...oops

My mom bought me a kit 2 years ago for this pillow. She said she liked the pattern and wanted me to make it for her. So I said I would. I finished knitting it several months after she gave it to me. (I was a very slow knitter back then, and I usually only knitted while at center.) She called me the other day and asked about it. I had put it into my pile of projects that I never thought I'd finish...because I get bored. I felt bad, so I pulled out the knitted pieces, felt lining, and stuffing, and sewed and stuffed that sucker together! I also made some fun tassels for it. Finally one of my project rejects is finished! And it's only 2 years late! Thanks mom for the interest and much needed push! (I think this pillow would have looked better if I blocked it, but like I said I get bored, and....truthfully I am kind of a lazy knitter. Don't tell anyone, k? )

One More Square!

Monday, September 3, 2007


Just a bit of rendomness, my parents' banana plant is blooming! Who knew you could grow bananas in the midwest!

Almost Done!

I am soo ready to be done with this afghan! And I almost am. I think if I knit a little bit on it over the next few days I'll be done. Hurray!