Thursday, March 26, 2009

Stripy Fingerless Mitts

I actually wrote down a pattern while I was making my stripy fingerless mitts! (For a picture see last post.) So if anyone is interested, here it is!

SIZE: S/M women
MATERIALS: 1 skein Patons Kroy Socks in Tuttu Fruitti Jacquard
NEEDLES: 1 and 3 dpns
2 stitch markers
1 ten inch piece of scrap yarn
yarn needle

GAUGE: 6 sts/1 inch st st on size 3

Abbreviations: sts= stitches, K=knit, P=purl, CO= cast on, BO=bind off, K1fb=knit into front & back of stitch, dec= decrease, K2tog= knit 2 sts together

place sts evenly on 3 of the dpns
Note: Pattern is worked in the round

1. K all sts
2. P all sts
3. K all sts
4. P all sts
5. K all sts
6. P all sts
7. K all sts

8. K this round while dec 6 sts evenly (34 sts)
9. K all rows till you reach 2 and 1/4 inches from CO or desired length

Note: If using a self striping yarn look at mitts so far and determine which side is the "pretty side." This will help you decide where to begin the gusset. The next rounds suggest where to add the gusset. (Gusset sts are the ones in between the markers.

10. K8, pm K1fb, K1fb, pm K the rest of round (36 sts)
11. K all sts
12. K8,move marker to right needle, K1fb, K sts until 1 stitch before 2nd marker, K1fb, move marker to right needle, K the rest of the round
Repeat rounds 11. and 12. until there are 16 sts between markers
14. K 4 more rounds
**You will remove the markers on the next round**
15. K10, place next 12 sts on the waste yarn, K the rest of the row (36 sts)
Note: 2 sts after the first marker and 2 sts before the second marker will be kept on the DPNs
16. K 12 rounds


17. Work rounds 2. through 7. then BO purlwise break yarn


Place the 12 sts from waste yarn as follows: 6 sts on 1st needle, 4 sts on 2nd needle, and 2 sts on 3rd needle
1. K 12 sts, PU 4 sts (16 sts)
2. K 12 sts, K2tog, K2G=tog (14 sts)

3. K round while inc 4 or 5 sts depending on thumb size (16 or 17 sts)
4. P all sts
5. K all sts
6. P all sts
7. BO knitwise break yarn
Weave in loose yarns

More Fingerless Mitts

A couple of weeks ago I went to Michael's and found some sock yarn on clearance. I've never had any desire to make socks, but my hands are always cold. So, I thought I'd make yet another set of fingerless mitts. I thought that I could use a nice bright spring pair. After knitting them up, I realized that I liked the yarn better rolled in a ball. Orange, pink, and green stripes.......not fabulous. Oh, well I'll wear them anyway.

I made these for Joy. She had bought a pair of fingerless mitts in the winter, and her boyfriend took them one night. She hasn't seen them since! She saw mine when we were all out at the bar, and complimented them. After she told me her story, I had to make her a pair. I made them girl size and style, so hopefully she'll get to hang on to these. :P
I modified the "XOXO" pattern from "101 one skein wonders" to give her unique mitts.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Pink Scarflette

I made this scaflette to match the hat I made for my mom last year, because last week she asked me for a pink scarf to match it. ;-) I still had some of the yarn left over from the hat. Unfortunately, I didn't have enough for a whole scarf so I thought that a scarflette would work instead. My mom is a pretty chic woman so I think she will be willing to don a new type of neck attire. I made this scarflette to mimic a belt with 3 belt loops so the scarflette can be adjusted to the desired length.

I will try to post a pattern for it later when I have a little more time.