Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Stray Cats and Halloween deco!!

Over the last couple of months I've been feeding this cat at random with soft cat food. It used to come around every once and awhile. Last week, I decided to buy dry cat food. Now she comes around everyday! She looks pretty healthy so it makes me wonder if she really is a stray. She sure does get excited and eat a lot when I feed her though. In this picture, she wanted to come inside! What a cutie!
This is the other stray that comes around. I do think this one is defiantly a stray. It is skin and bones!!! I took this picture today, after feeding it for a week. It is starting to look a little bit bigger, but I think we still have a ways to go. If I had the money, I'd take them to the vet. and get them checked out. Alas, I'm a poor student.
This is one of my window's Halloween decorations. I guess I got a little excited for the holiday. Sorry the pictures is blurry. I wanted to try it to get a night shot, so the black lights would show up. After I took this picture, I made a giant spider web that I put behind the skeletons.
This is a close up of the window during the day.
Close up #2.

What I've been up to lately

I made this fish for Sabastian, my friend Anji's cat. I thought this pattern was so cute! The pattern put the eyes a little lower and the front fins in a slightly different place than I did. Gee.......I wish I would have looked at the pattern better. Up close my fish looks my like a weird orange creature with funny little legs. Ahhh well, I don't think the cat will mind. ;-)
I added a handle for my fish so it will be easier to play with the cat. (Pattern from I made my fish from simple soft yarn instead of microspun.
All of my amigurumi creatures so far. I did have one more....a of the stray cats I've been taking care of played with it a little the other day, and then took off like a bat out of hell. I guess he took it to his 'secret place.' I haven't seen it since. She sure looked cute with the little green turtle in his mouth!!!
I made this market bag for my summer vacation in August. I now use it when I walk to the video store and to Dollar general. I love this bag!
Now I am making a afghan for my boyfriend. The pattern is from "Knitting with Balls." When its done the pattern will look like a mock hounds tooth. You can sort of see it with these squares that I have ready.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Pumpkin hat

My co-worker Anthony is having a baby soon. I got excited, I've been wanting to knit a baby item for someone.
The leaf pattern is a modification of one that I found online. The original pattern made a leaf that I felt was too large for this particular hat. I just wanted a mini leaf for a mini person. I think it turned out adorably. I am greatful for the pattern I found. I would have never thought of how to do the tri-leaf pattern. Hurray for FREE patterns.

Thursday, June 26, 2008


For my birthday a couple of my friends got me an amigurum book that I wanted. It was a wonderful surprise! The little turtle and the legless octopus (so far) are from the book. I haven't had time to make the legs yet. Busy, busy summer school!!

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Slouchy Fountain Hat

I finished this hat a week after finals thinking that it was going to be the perfect summer hat. Well, I can't say that I love it. I just don't think my hair cut can pull it off....but.....I was planning to cut my hair anyways. Maybe my future haircut can pull this off better....I'm thinking sweepy bangs.
The pattern is available on Knitting Daily for free. Yay! The designer was inspired from the movie "The Fountain," which I have actually seen! And I am sooo glad this hat was designed because, after I first saw that movie I totally wanted a hat like the character who wore it.

The pattern called for size 4 needles. Hmmmmm....PASS!! I like larger needles thank you! I need instant gratification! So, I used size 7 and reduced the number of stitches. Also, I've been desperately been wanting to make another slouchy hat in hopes it will look cute on me. So, I made it extra slouchy.
After trying the hat on several times, my friends and I decided that it miraculously transforms us into sub-culture cliches. i.e.: a hippie.

: a nineties grunge rocker.

: A beatnik

Long Time No Post!

I have a few new projects that I have started and finished since my last post. Here is the first:

I got the pattern for this wallet from "Knitting with Balls." This book exclusively has knitting patterns for men. So, I just had to girlify the wallet a bit starting with a feminine soft yarn in a lovely shade of purple. ;-)

The pattern called for 2 large pockets and a medium pocket. I didn't understand exactly where the medium pocket had to go. So, instead I used it as a flap, and attached a bead to keep the wallet closed. Cute! and useful!

The pattern used a much more manly yarn and color.

Friday, April 11, 2008

I'm done (with the knitting portion)

I still have to sew in the seems and block. I'm going to save that for another day, though.
Side view.
I really wish I would have picked up less stitches on the neck line. It is a bit saggy. Hopefully I can just iron it flat and not have to re-knit it. We'll see.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Almost done!!!!

I just have to add the 1x1 ribbing on the sleeves, block, and then done!!!! I am so excited. And best of all, I think its going to fit okay. ;)

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Shrinky Dink Fun!!!

When my friend Anji and I went to Texas to visit some of our college friends, we each bought random craftiness at Michaels (R). My favorite purchase was shrinky dinks! These are the keychains that I have made. I can't wait to make more!

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Lately I've been getting "comments" that I guess put a virus on computers. There are many different "blog" sites linked to the viral comments. So be careful, don't click on them!! I keep deleting them, but each time I post more of the viral comments pop up.. Erg. Has anyone else been getting these?

Thursday, March 13, 2008

St. Patty's Day Cuffs

A couple of friends of mine and I are going out for St. Patty's Day. I don't own anything cute in green, and I really don't want to get pinched all day so I decided to knit up a few cuffs.
I thought I could hand them out to my friends who are also in the same green fashion delimma. I hope everyone likes them!

Pattern from the Knitting Calander, Sept. 10, 2007

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Mom's New Hat

My mom wanted a pink hat to match the gloves she bought this winter. She said she wanted it to be semi-puffy, but not to puffy. I hope this is what she wanted. If not I can always make another. ;-)
I made it similar to a beret, as you can see in this first pic. But it's made to be worn over the ears so its good for our cold winters.
This pattern is actually similar to my slouchy hat pattern. I just adjusted the width and length a little, and changed the style from mock rib to stockinette stitch.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

lillian tank so far...

I've gotten pretty far so far, which I am really exited about because, I'll be able to wear it when it gets warm. WooHoo! This coming week I only have one test instead of three like this past week! So, I think I'll be able to get even more done.
I think I'm going to add one more row of lace than the pattern calls for because I've got such a loooonnnnggg waist. But I think by the next weekend I might be able to be knitting the bust!!(Or at least that's what I hope.)

Friday, February 22, 2008

New project: Lillian tank

Well, I decided that this tank would be my next project instead of something from my new Interweave mag. I liked a lot of the patterns in the mag. but I didn't have the right weight yarn for the project I really wanted to do. So, I am going to have to wait till I can make it to a yarn store before I start breaking into my Interweave. Till then this cute top will be keeping my hands happy.

For those interested seeing what the project will look like and the pattern, here the link:

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Slouchy Knitted Hat pattern

For those who are interested here is my pattern:

Gauge: 3.5 sts/1 in.
Yarn: I love this yarn! ($1.99!!!) about 200 yards
(you could probably use any bulky weight yarn for a substitute)
Needles: size 10 US 16 in. circular, and set of size 10 US DPN
(Note: the yarn called for size 8, the larger gauged needles will make hat more slouchy!)
Size: One size fits most
CO 68 sts using the circular needles
1. Work 2 X 2 rib for 2.5"
2. Knit all stitches while increasing by 12 stitches evenly (80 sts)
3. Knit all stitches while increasing by 8 stitches evenly (88 sts)
4. *K1, P1*
5. Purl all stitches
6. Repeat rows 4 and 5 until piece measures 8" from CO.

Decreasing Crown (switch to DPNs when necessary)
7. *P9, P2G* (80 sts)
8. Purl all stitches
9. *P6, P2G* (70sts)
10. Purl all stitches
11. *P5, P2G* (60 sts)
12. *P4, P2G* (50 sts)
13. *P3, P2G* (40 sts)
14. *P2, P2g* (30 sts)
15. *P1, P2G* (20 sts)
16. *P2G* (10 sts)
17. *P2G* (5 sts)
18. cut yarn, thread yarn through remaining stitches, pull tight and weave in remaining yarn.
Note: pattern within ** should be repeated

This hat is reversable. The front side has a bumpy texture throughout body. The reverse side has a mock 1 X 1 rib.

Knitted Slouchy Hat

I've been wanting to make another slouchy hat. The last one I made didn't look good on me and was a little too small for my head.

I looked online for awhile for a new pattern in a knitted version. I wasn't having too much luck so I just made one up, and this is what I came up with.

I think I like it, although, I don't know if it is really me. And, unfortunately, I just look rediculous when taking my own picture.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Charity Blanket Squares

Lately, the only thing I've been knitting while I study are squares for the charity blanket my friend Heather and I are making together. I realized today when I put them next to each other that my squares look very early 90s. I really hope Heather has some cooler colors in her stash so the afghan will look nicer and not so dated.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Sorry I haven't been posting. After winter break, I got busy with school, so I haven't been knitting a lot. :( I did manage to teach one of the girls in my class to knit. She was a quick study and within 4 weeks she is already on her 4th project. Whew! I think she faster and more motivated to knit than me. I am impressed with her! Well, I've got four tests this week so my hiadis will continue for now. I just got my Interview Knits mag. today and I think I will knit something from it starting next week. I'll try to post again then.