Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Mom's New Hat

My mom wanted a pink hat to match the gloves she bought this winter. She said she wanted it to be semi-puffy, but not to puffy. I hope this is what she wanted. If not I can always make another. ;-)
I made it similar to a beret, as you can see in this first pic. But it's made to be worn over the ears so its good for our cold winters.
This pattern is actually similar to my slouchy hat pattern. I just adjusted the width and length a little, and changed the style from mock rib to stockinette stitch.


Sima said...

This beret is so cute! Would you share the pattern here? I'd love to make one. Thanks!

Knitoholic Rex said...

I actually didn't write down a pattern while I was making it. ;-( I just kind of winged it. When I visit my parents next I'll try to get a hold of the hat and figure out how I made it.