Thursday, May 29, 2008

Slouchy Fountain Hat

I finished this hat a week after finals thinking that it was going to be the perfect summer hat. Well, I can't say that I love it. I just don't think my hair cut can pull it off....but.....I was planning to cut my hair anyways. Maybe my future haircut can pull this off better....I'm thinking sweepy bangs.
The pattern is available on Knitting Daily for free. Yay! The designer was inspired from the movie "The Fountain," which I have actually seen! And I am sooo glad this hat was designed because, after I first saw that movie I totally wanted a hat like the character who wore it.

The pattern called for size 4 needles. Hmmmmm....PASS!! I like larger needles thank you! I need instant gratification! So, I used size 7 and reduced the number of stitches. Also, I've been desperately been wanting to make another slouchy hat in hopes it will look cute on me. So, I made it extra slouchy.
After trying the hat on several times, my friends and I decided that it miraculously transforms us into sub-culture cliches. i.e.: a hippie.

: a nineties grunge rocker.

: A beatnik

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