Thursday, March 26, 2009

More Fingerless Mitts

A couple of weeks ago I went to Michael's and found some sock yarn on clearance. I've never had any desire to make socks, but my hands are always cold. So, I thought I'd make yet another set of fingerless mitts. I thought that I could use a nice bright spring pair. After knitting them up, I realized that I liked the yarn better rolled in a ball. Orange, pink, and green stripes.......not fabulous. Oh, well I'll wear them anyway.

I made these for Joy. She had bought a pair of fingerless mitts in the winter, and her boyfriend took them one night. She hasn't seen them since! She saw mine when we were all out at the bar, and complimented them. After she told me her story, I had to make her a pair. I made them girl size and style, so hopefully she'll get to hang on to these. :P
I modified the "XOXO" pattern from "101 one skein wonders" to give her unique mitts.

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