Wednesday, September 5, 2007

2 Years Late...oops

My mom bought me a kit 2 years ago for this pillow. She said she liked the pattern and wanted me to make it for her. So I said I would. I finished knitting it several months after she gave it to me. (I was a very slow knitter back then, and I usually only knitted while at center.) She called me the other day and asked about it. I had put it into my pile of projects that I never thought I'd finish...because I get bored. I felt bad, so I pulled out the knitted pieces, felt lining, and stuffing, and sewed and stuffed that sucker together! I also made some fun tassels for it. Finally one of my project rejects is finished! And it's only 2 years late! Thanks mom for the interest and much needed push! (I think this pillow would have looked better if I blocked it, but like I said I get bored, and....truthfully I am kind of a lazy knitter. Don't tell anyone, k? )