Friday, September 7, 2007

ZOmBie JesUs Blanket Update!

I have been playing around with the picture I printed and have been calculating stitches, rows, and borders. I finally gave up! I wanted to make the blanket vertical instead of horizontal....okay seemed like no problem at first. I found a good cut off point from the cartoon I chose. But then...I realized that my blanket would really be almost a perfect square! Erg. And based on the design, my dimensions would have to be in multiples of ~3' X ~3'. Ahh! So my choices were to have an ittttty bitttty blanket or a HUGE ONE! I didn't like either option. With a small blanket it would just get stored in a closet, and with a large blanket I would get bored and frustrated so I know that I would quit, and I'd put it in my reject pile. Both options were horrible! My boyfriend gave me an UNBELIEVABLE present for my birthday. I have to do the same. Ahh the stress! . .......So I told him....the secret present I was going to give him..... failed. ;(
Since I wasn't going to end up making it for him, I felt no harm in telling him what it was going to be.....He freaked!!!!! Had to have it !!!!! Didn't care what size it was! He just had to have it!!! This renewed my confidence, and I told him I would continue to pursue my efforts. He also put in his 2 cents and what would help improve the design. ....He's a genius! He thought that my skeleton fish that I used in my 1st afghan (the one I am still working on) would look great as a border. Oh yes, this IS fantastic. They will look like skeleton zombie Jesus fish. Awesome!...gee... I sure hope I don't go to hell for all of this......buuuuut if you think about it...Jesus was the first zombie. :)Much love all! I'm back in business.


The Knitting Dietitian said...

So what is the original picture that is going to be in the middle??

Knitaholicrex said...

This is a link to the pic. I think it should work.