Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Slouchy Knitted Hat pattern

For those who are interested here is my pattern:

Gauge: 3.5 sts/1 in.
Yarn: I love this yarn! ($1.99!!!) about 200 yards
(you could probably use any bulky weight yarn for a substitute)
Needles: size 10 US 16 in. circular, and set of size 10 US DPN
(Note: the yarn called for size 8, the larger gauged needles will make hat more slouchy!)
Size: One size fits most
CO 68 sts using the circular needles
1. Work 2 X 2 rib for 2.5"
2. Knit all stitches while increasing by 12 stitches evenly (80 sts)
3. Knit all stitches while increasing by 8 stitches evenly (88 sts)
4. *K1, P1*
5. Purl all stitches
6. Repeat rows 4 and 5 until piece measures 8" from CO.

Decreasing Crown (switch to DPNs when necessary)
7. *P9, P2G* (80 sts)
8. Purl all stitches
9. *P6, P2G* (70sts)
10. Purl all stitches
11. *P5, P2G* (60 sts)
12. *P4, P2G* (50 sts)
13. *P3, P2G* (40 sts)
14. *P2, P2g* (30 sts)
15. *P1, P2G* (20 sts)
16. *P2G* (10 sts)
17. *P2G* (5 sts)
18. cut yarn, thread yarn through remaining stitches, pull tight and weave in remaining yarn.
Note: pattern within ** should be repeated

This hat is reversable. The front side has a bumpy texture throughout body. The reverse side has a mock 1 X 1 rib.


Purllin said...

hey i tried following your pattern - it's great!
i tagged this post in one of my posts too.
thanks for sharing your pattern!

Miss Jo said...

i made this tonight! great pattern. thank you

alice said...

thank you! i will try this tonight, and post a pic if successful :) i am a newbie.

Jillian said...

Just knit this up, and it's lovely! I'm already halfway through another one for my mom, but I'm using size 9 needles, as the 10 made a hat that's a bit loose even on my big head. ^_^

Tanya said...

Thank you for this pattern, I just made one for my friend for Xmas and now I'm making one for me cause it was so easy and looks great. :)