Sunday, February 1, 2009

XOXO-with Love Handwarmers

My new book had a pattern for matching hand warmers and headband.

The pattern called for 40 sts to CO. I have small hands, so I only CO 30. The pattern had a heart on the palm of the hands. Since, I CO less than the pattern I didn't have enough sts to follow that part of the pattern.

These are the finished hand warmers from the book.

I made the left hand warmer while studying and watching a movie. I thought I had memorized the pattern.....I was wrong. Can you spot my blunders in cabling?

Matching XOXO set complete! I wish the book had a pattern for a scarfette with the XOXO. I think when I get some more free time I might make one up.
(Book: "101 Designer: One Skein Wonders"