Tuesday, November 20, 2007

My new vest (and hat)

Well my computer may still be down, but luckily I have family with a working computer. Here are my pics of my new vest and one of my new hats (I gave the other one to my friend's little boy already so, no pic. for it.)

I am not "in love" with my new vest. I think I learned a very good lesson while knitting it though. Don't try to adapt a pattern if I've never knitted anything like it before especially clothing! Whew! I hate ripping out.

I think I would like it better if I made it longer and if the straps weren't as wide. I think I'll try it on with one of my collared shirts and maybe when I'm wearing it I'll cover the straps with my hair...heeeheee. No one has to know about my weird straps. ;-)

Considering everything I still think it came out okay for my first vest.

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The Knitting Dietitian said...

Yay pictures! and yay vest! What is that awesome tiger thing in the background of the hat?

Oh and I'm super excited about you making a 7x9 square!!! I told Chris that you shut me down and he had a good laugh, hehe.