Monday, November 19, 2007

Well my computer still can't download pic.s so I thought that I would just write about my knitting progress.

I have had some issues with my vest I am making. At first, I didn't make the back long enough and the shoulder strap was also too short as well. I ripped it out and made the back longer and tried to knit a shoulder strap again. That time....I did the decreases for the right shoulder strap, only I was knitting the left shoulder strap. Erg... had to rip that strap out too. Now I am re-re-knitting the left shoulder strap with a new decrease pattern. I am really really hoping this time it will be okay.

Because I've been having so much trouble with this vest, I had to have some in between projects. So I made a hat for me and one for my friends 5 year old boy. Hurray for quick and easy hats!

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